Review phenomenon excommunication from the perspective of Sunni scholars

Hosein Rahmani Tirkalai, Seyyed Mohsen Sadat Kiaei


Despite the invitation of Islam to friendship and brotherhood among Muslims and censuring excommunication as meaning attributing excommunication to a Muslim, the sinister phenomenon of excommunication has occurred during our time and the advocates of this tide have not only insisted on the lawfulness of lives, properties and assets of Muslims, rather they have always rendered in bitter and frustrating eventualities. In this paper, the writer, after exploring the lexical and idiomatic meaning of excommunication, the perspectives of Sunni scholars with regard to blasphemy and excommunication are examined and it is conclude that all of the Sunni scholars have considered testimony to "Allah is the greatest" and "Mohamad is the messenger of Allah" as sufficient for the accomplish of Islam and hence they have pointed out that no one is entitled to excommunicate Muslims let alone to shed their blood.


Excommunication, Sunni scholars, Narratives (Hadith), The Koran.

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