Impact of Organizational Culture on Productivity: A Study among Employees of Ministry of Youth and Sports, Iran

Mohammad Mahdiyeh, Hosein Nakhaei, Ali Kebriaei



Organizational culture and productivity are the most popular topics in the domain of organizational behavior. This study seeks to explore the influence of organizational culture on the productivity in the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Iran. The population of the study was 1600 employees in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Iran. By simple random sampling method 320 employees were selected. Analysis was applied on 289 questionnaires (90.3%) that were correctly filled out. Organizational culture was assessed using Alvani’s scale. Productivity was measured using ACHIEVE model of Hersey& Goldsmith. Questionnaires were confirmed in terms of content and face validity and reliability. Analysis was carried out using SPSS 16. For analyzing, correlation, simple regression and multiple regressions were used (α = 0.05).

Finding showed organizational culture and its dimensions positively correlate with productivity. Organizational culture was a significant predictor of productivity (β = .675, F = 240.436, p= .000). Stepwise multiple regressions revealed that only the four dimensions of organizational culture (Coping with Conflict, Solidarity, Creativity, and Goal Clarity) are significant predictors of productivity. In conclusion, this study would help to fill the literature gaps on organizational culture and productivity in public organizations in Iran. It also gives new indication to earlier researches about the importance of organizational culture in improving productivity. The findings of the study would help the management of the organization to raise employees’ productivity.


Organizational Culture, Productivity, Employee, Iran.

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