Africa through the lenses of the European textual journeys

Mohamed Belamghari


Africa has always been represented in the Western orientalist texts in deformed terms manipulated for different ideological, colonial or political objectives. Back in time, one such purpose was laying the ground for European colonial expansions. However, the need nowadays to rethink such continuous adoption of the usage of the dark, savage and primitive Africa and Africans in some Western Orientalist literary enterprises is of paramount significance, especially in relation to the idea of the text as becoming an imaginary journey for readers who keep longing for exploring the sinister mystery of places without having to leave their seats.

In this regard, this paper dwells upon the different excuses made as to why Westerns accord such importance to depicting Africa in their texts. More than this, it will venture into the ways wherein writers use images fraught with mystery in their writings to intrigue the curiosity of readers to read more and learn more about things and people from their homes without having to take the risk of venturing to get into close contact with the places or peoples being depicted.


Orientalism, Stereotypes, Textual journeys, Armchair travelers.

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