The Teacher is a Person: Professional Qualifications and Personal Qualities

Fawzia Bouhass Benaissi


A major concern of applied linguistics and foreign language methodology is to highlight what makes “the good language teacher”. Lengthy lists of qualities may be proposed to teachers with the aim of drawing their attention on what they should search for. The assumption behind this paper is that no matter how academically equipped a teacher may be, he can fail in his mission if he does not show some human qualities necessary for sharing the learning/ teaching experience. Thus, this work looks at the human dimension of the teacher as a highly influential factor in the outcome of a classroom experience. In order to better comprehend what is at stake two (02) groups of students (92 BA, and 44 Master) of the English department, Djilali Liabès University in Algeria have been questioned.  Most students (64% BA & 70% Master) expressed their preferences for teachers who have a warm and nice personality over competent, but distant teachers .Two personality assets proved to be particularly desired namely generosity and empathy.


Efficient teacher, teacher personality, human characteristics, empathy, generosity.

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