Caricature as Means of Visual Communication in Musical Journalism

Liliya Izvelevna Salikhova, Liliya Garifullovna Safiullina, Gulnara Ibragimovna Batyrshina


The isosatire is one of the effective and democratic means of musical journalism. Caricatures on composers, performers and works reflect the audience attitude to historical tendencies, art styles, questions of musical language evolution. Carrying out visual communication, they bear the considerable volume of emotional information, provide speed of perception and judgment of the interpreted objects. 

Satirical images in musical journalism of the 18-20th centuries are covered in article. In work typological, iconographic, contextual and comparative methods of research were applied.

Isomusical caricatures belong to creolised (polycode) texts. They consist of the visual, verbal and acoustic components connected at the conceptual, substantial and composite levels. Isomusical caricatures differ on nature of the musical phenomena display - comic, satirical, grotesque, philosophical, political; according to contents - portraits (cartoons) and self-portraits (autocartoons), pair portraits, crowd scenes, strip; on technology of execution - etchings, lithographs, engravings, drawings with pencil or feather on paper, silhouettes, water colors, collages; in the placing - in newspapers, illustrated magazines, albums, in the form of separate works, on the Internet on the specialized websites of caricaturists; on independence degree - by way of illustration to article, as a cover of the magazine (newspaper), with the accompanying text, without text.

Caricatures are important carriers of musical and critical information. Eventually they lose substantial factual informational content, moving to the sphere of all-musical interests and requirements of society.

Musical and satirical illustrative material is capable to find application in pedagogics at different steps of training. Transferring live "pulse" and "breath" of an era, it allows to acquire the main information not in academically strict statement "retouched" by many generations of authors, but in an easy, fascinating form of the feuilleton.



isosatire, caricature, cartoon, musical journalism, visual communication.

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