Speech Reportage and Manipulation in Newspaper Articles

Laroussi Bouchnak


This article represents a CDA account for the different realizations of Speech Reportage instances in written media articles. It is a case study of nine (09) articles selected from The New York Times (Oct, Nov, and Dec 2014). These articles share the same source and topic which is the Syrian political impasse with its details and possible outcomes. The aim has been to unveil the importance of preferences made at the discursive level for the societal role ascribed to written media articles. Media producers tend to manage structural entities in accordance with the preset social objective of the mediated text. The CDA framework has been qualified most adequate for bringing different practices accompanying text production and consumption to the fore (van Dijk 2006). Critical analysis of mediated texts is geared to study the different workings of ideological investment of political discourse in the media.


Media discourse, Speech Reportage, Critical Discourse Analysis, manipulation, ideology.

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