An Action Research on a School Drama Community Service-Learning Project at Danhai Civic Theater in Taiwan

Shu- Chin Su


This action research explores an experienced drama teacher’s experiences and observations toward a school drama play at a community service -learning project from Aletheia University in Taiwan. The action research covers practices through a six month cyclical process which involve planning, acting, observing, evaluating, and reflecting at a school community project to arrive at better understanding of several issues including language improvement, immediacy behaviors, and school-community relationships. Results indicated that having a short-term drama play caused severe pressure and heavy work load on faculty teacher; therefore, it might be the short period of time is not sufficient for a thorough preparation. The budget for the drama play was limited and the professional field of educational arts was also neglected. The play performed off campus at Danhai Civic Center which is troublesome, such as the schedule, the absence and ignorance of the theater staffs, and the facilities are not sufficient. However, the experience of using drama activities in the community helps students to have incredible memories in their lives. These findings may help educators solve problems on how to close the gap between schools and communities and make room for smooth transitions for building up campus-community services in the future.


Action research, Drama/theater in education, School community service-learning

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