The problematic of modernization in the intellectual project of Al- Jabri: an analytical critical approach

Mobarek Hamdi


In this study, I distinguished the concept of modernization from that of modernity, contextualized Al-Jabri project historically and conceptually, and showed his status within the rational critical current, which emerged after the defeat of 1967. Then I examined the vision Al-Jabri of how to modernize the Arab Thought in the context of the relationship that he adopted between heritage and modernity. I showed that this vision is based on three axes: the axe of the critique of the heritage, and the axe of the critique of modernity, and the axes of constitution.  I finished the research with some critical remarks centered on the harmonizing nature of Al-Jabri’s work. I broached also the limitedness of his conceptualization of the mind and rationality, and his contradictory attitudes of some of the elements of modernity such as secularism because of his consideration of the intellectual and political Arab reality. That limited the free movement of thought, which can only be absolute, adventurous and exploratory.



modernization, modernity, heritage, establishment, reason and rationalism.

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