Development of Internet-dependent industries

Gubareva Anna Viktorovna, Kovalenko Ksenia Evgenievna




Foreign trade is a multilevel, multifaceted, multi-vector and multi-subject phenomenon, which can embrace development of other substantial and functional models. Scientific and technical progress led to active involvement of information in foreign trade and emergence of specific information market. Currently it is impossible to imagine a successful economy without developed system of data networks, their active usage by producers and consumers. Dynamic development of foreign trade resulted in Internet-commerce functioning within its network. Legislation of any country, regulating foreign trade activities of persons and companies must be based not only on internal specifics of a given state but on international legal standards as well.

The study is based on an analysis of main models of Internet commerce in the Russian Federation and China, and considers the main characteristics of such objects. Internet became a powerful instrument for developing new technologies of conducting business and accumulation of capital. Transition to e-commerce will stimulate unprecedented economic growth and deep transformation of business and economy.


law, legislation, international organization, business, economy, e-commerce, Internet, commerce, globalization.

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