Human Resources Professional Competencies

Usanee Saengchot, Damrong Wattana, Mongkolchai Wiriyapinit, Suchai Thanawastien


This study aimed at determining the competencies that affect human resource professionalism. It is a qualitative study done by in-depth interview with human resource experts, and thematic analysis based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: MBNQA concept on the 11 Core Values, the Process Classification Framework of the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), year 2014, version 6.1.1. concept, number 1, Develop Vision and Strategy; and number 6, Develop and Manage Human Capital, and The Fifth Discipline concept by Peter M. Senge. The study results found that the competencies that affect human resource professionalism are performance system competency, HR task competency, and learning competency. Human resource experts agreed equally on the 3 competencies, comprising of 94.12 percent. Moreover, human resource professional competencies are important to human resource officers and organizations because competency creates innovations and new knowledge that benefits mankind. Therefore, there should be encouragement, support, and development on competencies of professional human resource officers to become more professional in order to work successfully, effectively, and efficiently.


Human Resources Professionalism, Competency, MBNQA, APQC, The Fifth Discipline.

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