The Syntactic Structure of Vocatives in the Christian and Muslim Collects (prayers): A Contrastive Study

Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed, Salwa Kamil Ibraheem


The vocative in English and Arabic is an obligatory element which must be present in any collect or du'a'. It is an addressee indicating man's attitude towards or his relationship with God. This study aims at contrasting the vocative syntactic forms used in the prayers of invocation in English and Arabic (A prayer of invocation is a prayer asking God to be present for assistance or be part of a religious service).

The results show that in Arabic the vocative is an iterative element which may be used more than once throughout a text whereas in English, it is not. It also shows that the syntactic forms of Arabic and English collects are different. 



Vocatives, Collects, Prayers, Du’a in Arabic, Sociolinguistics.

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