Design and development of performance indexes with Balanced Score Card Approach (Case Study of Pishgam Company)

Mohsen Alvandi, Ahmad Hashemi Siavashani, Maedeh Amiri


It seems that in order to remain in the business environment of today, companies are required to control and adjust their processes according to specified strategic goals. In this article and by using “Balanced Scorecard” we try to demonstrate and evaluate corporate’s performance based on its strategic goals to see whether the corporate is on the right path or not. The organization for our survey is manufacturer of ball valves in the oil & Gas industry which recognizing its main goals and performance indicators has been implemented in 2014 & 2015. In order to recognize corporate’s main goals and indicators, we utilized strategic planning steps and then categorized all the company’s activities in six main step. In this process, goals and key performance indicators have been specified which resulted in company’s strategic plan. Moreover, company’s performance level in each four aspect of “Balanced Scorecard” has been measured between the years of 2014 & 2015. 


Balanced Scorecard, Performance evaluation index, Oil & Gas equipment manufacturer, Strategy map, Strategy planning.

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