Futures studies and long-term perspective in Iran’s technology policy white papers

Amir Hushang Heidari


Futures studies as strategic knowledge in the current era in addition to create sensitivity to new technologies, has been capable of creating long-term and efficient perspective in technology policy white papers. Presently, equipped with the tools and scientific decision-making skills and based on futures studies, it is possible to play a role as an actor and active character in the world full of uncertainty ahead. The main issue in this study is the lack of Futures studies approach in order to create long-term perspective in the country’s technology policy white papers. So, the background of the research is considered technology policy white papers. Due to many reasons such as the number and variety of the written documents in the policy of ICT, long age of the researches carried out in this area and great number of acceptable studies and surveys on the ICT documents, we chose this area as the territory of the research. This research is among the qualitative and practical researches and it is benefited from three methods with the approach of mix methods research in futures studies. Analysis and studies on the technology policy white papers in ICT in the country is considered as a case study in this research. Since the question of research is how to create a long-term perspective on the country's technology policy white papers, using the grounded theory method, in addition to developing concepts in the field of developing documents, various responses in the context of assumption are analyzed. Earning the tacit knowledge of experts in developing documents in ICT via the unstructured interviews is taken into account as a complement of the research methodology so that the recommendations and final proposals of the research to be extracted both accurate and practical as much as possible. Each of the presented assumptions in the context of the final recommendations of the study may be the basis of the next studies. Indeed, each of the presented assumptions should be examined and evaluated in a suitable context and its implementation and effectiveness in creating long-term perspective in developing technology policy white papers should be evaluated. 


Futures studies, long-term perspective, technology policy white papers.

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