Women in-between the Place: A Pilot Study of Two Military-Related Women

Kai-ling Liu


This paper intends to re-examine the sense of place of Anping, a tourist historical site of Taiwan, by the case studies of two local women, in order to argue for the notion of the progressive sense of place as proposed by Doreen Massey. A harbor district whose history can be traced back to the 12th century, Anping has developed over various Chinese dynasties and western imperial powers. Demographically, it was multi-ethnic; geographically, its boundaries have changed, moving always more inland and including more people. However, past researches tended to take Anping as a fixed inhabited location—a given—and explore its uniqueness through seeking common patterns. To describe Anping as a progressive place, this paper examines two women’s migratory routes in terms of their social relations and indicates that Anping as a place is not defined by stability and rootedness but by flows and movements.



nation-state, migration, women’s studies, cultural studies.

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