Metaphorical Spatialization of Economic Issues as a persuasive Strategy in the 2008 American presidential electoral campaign

Tlili Saad


     In the context of the classical political conflict between the American democratic and republican parties embodied in the electoral campaigns, this article discursively investigates Obama’s and McCain’s maneuvering of metaphors of space in the 2008 electoral campaign’s economic issues leaning on Critical Metaphor Analysis. The candidates spatially invite what serves in the play of framing and instantiation of vital economic issues to highlight the potential journey from negative to positive spaces (e.g. from back to front and vice versa, from low to high and vice versa, out of threat to peace and vice versa … etc) in order to either metaphorically aggravate the economic status quo and hence accentuate the need for the “proper” president savior (the present candidate), or to open up horizons of potential positive economic change if elected president. 


American electoral campaign, Metaphors, economics.

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