Concept TӦrӦ as Supreme Law of the Universe In The Political Culture of the Mingols in Xvii Century

Tatiana D. Skrynnikova


This article deals with the polysemantics of the term resulting from syncretic medieval minding. The manuscripts of the XVII century could not but reflect the process of conceptual development in the linguistic means of the Mongolian language in the field of political culture. On the one hand the former meanings of the terms were kept and on the other hand the old terms were given new sense. The texts of XVII centuries contain the data, which give evidence for concrete profane meanings of the term törö. Most often the term törö contains a desacralized sense and means “power” that is an object, which the rulers manipulate with. In this paper, I would like to pay attention to other meaning of törö – namely that, which implies the Supreme Law of the Universe in the political culture of medieval Mongols. The main function of törö – harmonizing of space and society (to live in peace, to enjoy happiness) allows interpreting it as Supreme sacral law or the Law of the Universe, which is conducted by a ruler.


profane and sacral meanings of the term törö, Mongolia, the Supreme Law of the Universe, traditional political culture.

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