Secret Societies in Dan Brown's Angels And Demons (2000)

Ansam Yaroub Khyoon


Secret societies have always been interesting topics for novelists of thriller and conspiracy theories and Dan Brown is one of them. With the dawn of the twenty first century a new interest in secret societies spread through all venues of life and shaped the way of this centuries' culture, in literature, arts, movies, industry; it even reached politics and religion. Terms like Illuminati, Hassains, Masons as well as their symbols like the All Seeing - Eye, the pyramids, and many more are everywhere in songs, novels, in cartoons, even in many famous trademarks. Many criminal acts, terrorist attacks, wars and controversial political issues are blamed on one of these secret societies. Dan Brown's novel, Angles and Demons (2000) is a perfect example of a conspiracy novel that is rich with the most prominent secret societies in the world; The Hassassins, and the Illuminati. In this research both secret societies are analyzed and compared to facts, authentic references and sources. The research will answered questions like what is a secret society? Who are the Hassassins? Who are the Illuminati? How much of the information provided about them in this novel is true how much is not and why? What are the conclusions that the researcher came up with?


Secret societies, conspiracy fiction, Hassassins, and the Illuminati.

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