Problematic of meaning negotiation in translation-Problématique de négociation du sens dans la traduction

Farnaz Sassani


A translator always tries to accurately convey the meaning of a text by paraphrasing and explaining the meaning of it as possible. He tries to negotiate with the author to remain faithful in transmitting the sense, absolute translatability is almost impossible. Translation is a particular creative field of language and procedures are used to produce the closest natural equivalent of the message of the source language in the target language, regarding to the meaning and the style. Thus the meaning comes before all then the form, style, expression come next. In translation activity, which is preferred, it is the transmission of meaning of the source text in the target text.

In this article we will try, first, to place the issue of translation. In the second part, we will highlight the different procedures concerning the interpretation and negotiation of meaning in order to explain the basic aspects of the problem being addressed. Finally, to conclude, we will propose a fragmentary meditation process of signification in translation.





Translation; Significance; Interpretation; Meaning; Translate problem.

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