Logistics in Yemen: Optimal Intermodal Frieght Transportation

Hisham Najeeb Said AL-Shikh, Valliappan Raju


Major roads in Yemen are not paved and its population density is high in coastal areas, implementing the idea of intermodal transportation method all over the coastline will give the product industries a huge advantages, due to its attractive solutions to the poor transportation infrastructure and its extremely limited road transportation system. The transport of goods in Yemen depends heavily on road transport in the absence of rail transport and limited movement by air transport and its high cost, the private sector provides the bulk of land transport services (goods) and has accompanied the performance of road transport activities in the absence of regulation and supervision. In this research paper the author intends to analyse and develop optimal intermodal freight transportation plans for product shipping in Yemen by using two modes of transport (truck, ship) without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. Using intermodal transportation is vital for the product movement and supplies when single mode alternative becomes unusable or infeasible. The author intends to use quantitative research method, plan and execute fieldwork, collecting data form freight companies (truck, ship), local factories, Ministry of Transportation, etc. Compile preliminary maps of roads condition and population density. First the author intends to visit the Ministry of Transport to closely monitor the program and objectives of the Ministry and the secret of work and projects in which it is implemented and meet with its representative for the purpose of collecting data and evidence of the difficulties it faces in order to become familiar with it Comprehensively and directly on its problems and study the possible solutions. , the author will intend to visit Aden and Hodeida ports to view the service and facilities for a better understanding of the processes and to examine the availabilities of intermodal transportation freight and collect data of sea freight costs. The author also intends to visit a local factory (Shamlan Industry Ltd) to explore difficulties of products movement on road, costs, etc. the author attempts to provide an in depth examination of two major tasks, single mode and multimodal. Finally the Author intends to visit Ministry of public works and roads to compile preliminary maps of roads condition and population density. As a result Intermodal transportation can be a solution when transportation resources are scarce, bad road infrastructure and mountainous terrain. The quantity of demand is usually high and required an instant solution to meet the demand of the transportation resources. After analysing data and identifying findings of two modes of transportation, the author found multimodal fright transportation cost is comparatively advantage over single transportation mode


Logistics, Transportation, Optimization, Multimodal Freight

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