Fictionalized Representation of Space in Amma Darko’s Beyond The Horizon

Lèfara Silue


This study permits to understand that the living place of Amma Darko’s Beyond the Horizon is an unstable and fragmented universe. The protagonists Akobi and Mara freely roam in three places in quest of happiness. The representation of the German urban area reveals that Europe is not the “Eldorado” where gold and money flow in abundance. Beyond the portrayal of Akobi, Darko satirizes and denounces the bestiality of African immigrants in Germany. These African immigrants ask their wives to join them in Europe where they are used as sex-workers. In the text, the urban area and the rural living place are two contradictory and complementary universes. Germany is then seen as a symbol of the world of immorality whereas Naka is depicted as a symbol of African solidarity.


space, depersonalization, immigrants, immorality, micro-environment, universe.

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