Mythological and Non- Fictional Elements in Matthew Arnold's Poetry

Marwan M. Abdi


Like many of the Victorian thinkers, Matthew Arnold as a Christian humanist, endeavored to highlight the ailments of the Late Victorian Communities which were afflicted with the Aches of Modernity. He infuses many romantic and modern elements into his works to communicate his universal message in the most effective manner. His poems represent heroic characters who are populating two different worlds; one Mythical and the other Real. However, these two realms always construct one platform for a uniform population and this makes Arnold's stories more universalized and turns them into an epical struggle between good and evil for saving 'Humane Values'. This paper studies some of his poems which represent the above mentioned, themes and techniques.


Modernism, Mythology, Humanism, Civilization, Hybrid, Universal, Apocalyptic.

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