Consuming Jamu as Local Wisdom to Fight for Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Hiqma Nur Agustina


The Pandemic Covid-19 devastated the world economy today. Not only in Indonesia who felt the impact, but in almost all countries, even the two superpowers - the United States and China - also felt the turmoil in the country's uncertain situation. Various kinds of speculation arise along with the rapid development of this pandemic around the world. This paper looks explicitly at how Covid-19 can change the world's global map in all aspects, political, economic, social, and cultural. Qualitative method, cultural studies theory, modernity concept used as analysis tools. The study identifies the spread of Covid-19 shows the most significant impact of Covid-19 is that there is no longer any distinction between superpower or small states affected by this deadly virus. The role of local wisdom in combating Covid-19 is one of the best alternatives used by Indonesia and several countries, especially the usage of Jamu as the traditional drink. Explicitly explained that the conventional concept is as a counterweight to modernity. Modernity and tradition must go hand in hand in realizing the welfare of humanity.



Corona, jamu, local wisdom, modernity, postmodernism, public communication

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