The Concepts Term and Terminology in the Modern Azerbaijan Language

Almammadova Sabina Mammad


 The vocabulary of a language always changes in connection with the development of the society; it is renewed and becomes richer. Every innovation observed at different fields causes the occurrence of lexical units serving to generation of the adequate reaction at the language being one of the organic attributes of the society according to this innovation, naming new notions and concepts occurred in connection with progress. In other words, development of sciences and the society makes necessary occurrence of lexical units serving to naming of separate notions of the learned objects. This process shows itself at different times and at the separate areas of the earth and it is reflected at the language facts of the different languages. That event has an international character. All changes and renovations occurred in the development of the society, science and technique over all periods of the history appear on the terminology layer of the vocabulary. Every newly arisen denotation shall be named by the lexical unit of the language not depending on the place of the Earth where they occurred and it is realized by terminological means. Enrichment, systematizations and putting in order of the terminological layer at the account of changes and renovations occurred in this layer of the language at all historical periods of the society and the language is on the focus of attention as one of the most necessary processes of the language. This paper studies the concepts of “Term” and “Terminology” in the Modern Azerbaijan Language.


term, logical, function, language, linguistics.

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