The Effect of Using Cloud Computing On Ehealth of Government Agencies (Case Study: Government Agencies South Of West Azerbaijan Province)

Ayoub Jazayeri, Mehran Molavi


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of cloud computing on eHealth in government agencies in the southern province of West Azerbaijan. The aim of this study is to be an applied research study. The research project is descriptive (non-experimental); it is the correlation and impact assessment. The population of this study included 1408 people from all government staff in the southern province of Western Azerbaijan. It is based on statistical governor. The sample size in this study is based on a sample of 289 people that has been calculated at the level of 0.05 times. Stratified random sampling method is used. The data was standardized by the use of questionnaire. Its content validity is confirmed. The reliability of electronic health questionnaire, with Cronbach's alpha 0.85 to 0.81, was obtained for computing clouds. To verify the hypotheses of correlation and linear regression, research normality of the data is used. R-squared value is equal to 0.011, which represents 1.1% of cloud computing; that is the effect of changes in e-health.


Employing Cloud Computing, Ehealth, Cloud Group, Hybrid Cloud.

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