The Institutionalization of Religious Education in Adults with Besharah and Anzar Verses In the Holy Quran (Case Study: District Staff Education Urmia)

Farahnaz Mokhtari, Sadra Alipour, Roghayyeh Vahdat


This study examines how the institutionalization of religious education with glad tidings and warning verses in the Holy Quran. So in terms of purpose and method of research is descriptive. In this study, all employees of the District 1, city of Urmia were considered as statistic population which was 117 and using farmers and Morgan table and randomly, 89 people were selected as sample. In this study, a questionnaire was used to collect required data and information. Face and content validity of the questionnaire was approved by the supervisor. Cronbach alpha coefficient 0.78 respectively. To analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistical techniques were used. Results showed that the institutionalization of religious education methods in adults with verses containing material rewards in world evangelism, spiritual rewards in this world, material rewards in the afterlife, spiritual rewards in the Hereafter are. To institutionalize religious education in adults with verses warning, including physical punishment in the world, the world's spiritual punishment, punishment in the Hereafter material and there is spiritual punishment in the Hereafter.


Religious Education, Besharah, Anzar, Institutionalizing Methods.

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