Identifying and Prioritizing the Success Factors of New Product Development in the Country’s Cosmetics and Health Industry (Case Study: Arian Kimia Tak Company)

Ahmad Aghajani, Zahra Mahmoudi Lafoot


Increase in consumption of cosmetics material in the country and the arrival of fraud products and lack of products domestically produced and the prevalence of skin diseases, changes in competition law, and consumer’s tastes are cases that today more than ever develop the necessitates of new products in the country’s cosmetics and health industry.   Todays, organization’s survival depends on attitudes towards new products and implementing new ways to create new products is successful. This current research has done to investigate of Success Factors of New Product Development in the Cosmetics and Health Industry and its Prioritizing. According to Winston’s triple model, product development process includes ideation, initial examination and assessment and business development. In Mow et al model, (2007) in the field (SMEs) 46 factors in technological, marketing, business, management categories are ranked.

The results indicate that among all the technological, marketing, business and management factors, management factors than other factors have contributed to the success of product development and technological factor had the least role. In the management criteria, strong management team in the company has most and strong team of product development have least importance. In the technological criteria the absence of suitable alternative has most and reliability of emerging technology has the lowest level of importance. In the marketing criteria the first priority is to have a competitive advantage and the lack of restrictions on entry to market has lowest level of important. In the business criteria the ability to maintain brand has highest and ability to provide the necessary funds has least important to the success of product development.


Product Development, New Product Development, Process of Product Development, Success Factors of Product Development.

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