Assessing Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) readiness and its impact on Banking Quality of service (Case study: Saderat Bank Branches - West of Tehran)

Mehdi Rostami, Arezoo Izadbin, Mehdi Zakipour, Shahram Rostami


E-CRM is considered as a critical task in Customer-centric Marketing which consists of collectingand categorizing customer information in order to provideeffectiveservices. E-CRMsystemscan help the organizations to acquire new potentialcustomers, retain the existing customers andincreasetheirrepurchasing, and maintainlong-termrelationshipsto enhancecustomer value. Managers of Iranian Saderat Bank are intended to implement e-CRM as a part of their business strategy. Therefore, this research is mainly focused on assessing the current capability of Saderat bank to apply e-CRM system and those changes that are necessary to be conducted before implementing it, also to represent an e_CRM readiness Model in banking system.

Based on the research characteristics, descriptive data analysis is used as a research methodology. In order to collect data, questionnaires were distributed amongst a number of employees and users of west branches of Saderat bank of Tehran that are randomly selected. The collected data was analyzed statistically using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Partial Least Square technique by PLS software.

Findings revealed that the use of technology, organizational culture, corporate strategy and employee perceptions affect e-CRM readiness. The interpretation of the results illustrated that e-CRM implementation have a strong effect on quality of banking services and according to those mentioned, Saderat Bank is ready to implement e-CRM and the e_CRM readiness Model is accepted.


Customer Relationship Management; Electronic Customer Relationship Management; Iranian Saderat Bank;E-CRM Readiness Model;

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