Environmental journalism and its study in Iran

Zahra Saeedabadi


This study studies how to process media in the area of the environmental issues and discuss this problem based on two theories, Agenda setting and gate-keeping of the news.

The environmental problem and reflect of its related news can be followed based on gate-keeping theory. Messages that sent to people through media, forms their mental image and awareness about the real world, whereas many of social experts believe that we can consider that the behavior of people is not based on reality but also an image of the reality which they imagine in their mind.

In this paper, by questions and hypotheses, we study that the how much the environmental matter  affected by the news gate- keeping positively or negatively. Of course, this can be followed based on the Agenda setting theory because all these descriptions point out that due to its inherent capabilities, the media are able to identify the mental priorities of their audience by making the meaningful differences and sometimes intangible in publication of the news about different issues. For example, a newspaper that publishes the problem of the deforestation or weather pollution and its resulting dangers by capital letters, has the different impact on audience than other newspaper that presents that news briefly and without images in one of the internal pages.


The finding of this paper is collected by the content analysis method and obtained data are calculetaed by Chi- squared test. The results indicate that in study of the 300 newspapers in first six months of  2014 among the newspapers of the Keyhan, Hamshahri, and Etemad, there was the 1200 environmental topics . this presented materials  often are in the form of the news and reports. The note, interpretation, article, and interviews, which have the high influence in clearing the related news and are a typical performance difference of the newspaper than other media, are in the lowest level of representation.  Also, if we accept that the headline of a newspaper is its shout, only 11 literatures, namely 0.77%, of environmental issues are listed in the first page and more interesting , among the 1200 environmental topics only 7 subjects, namely 0. 43%,  are listed as the headline of the first page. Finally, the situation of the environmental subjects among the mentioned newspapers is inappropated, namely the mentioned newspapers didn't attend to this subject and didn't have a significant performance about Agenda setting the subject and  generally the news gate- keeping didn't pay special attention to this issue.



environment, sustainable development, environmental Journalism

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