Human Image from the Viewpoint of Mutanabi

Jamil Jafari, Ahmad Nuheirat, Khaled Muhamadzadeh Arshad


Man is an unknown creature whom no one knows except god. No one is completely aware of his manners and the secret of his inner world and complicated soul. Sages and talented persons could understand some aspects of his character through god revelations and their personal experiences and register them in their works. Abu Teieb Ahmad Ibn Hussein known as Mutanabi, an Arab poet in 4th century, is one of those personalities who have a special viewpoint toward human. He is well-known for his wisdom poetry that depicted man's good and evil manners and described human being from different angles. This paper aims to extract a complete picture of human in Mutanabi's poetry using the descriptive –analytical method and represent his viewpoint toward him according to it. Results show that the good human in Mutanabi's thought has these characteristics: generosity, rationalism, courage, love, liberality, honor, humility, and policy; while the evil one is characterized with: stinginess, jealousy, materialism, ignorance, hypocrisy and duplicity.

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