Relation Dimension Resilience with Social and Domestic about Patients General Anxiety Disorder

Noura Khoshchingol, Abbas Aboolghasemi


The aim of this study was to determine the relation dimension resilience with social and domestic about patients' general anxiety disorder. In this study, the correlation method is used. The study population includes all patients with generalized anxiety disorder who in 2012 had referred to health centers in Ardabil. The sample consisted of 73 patients who were identified and selected by convenience sampling. To collect data from anxiety thoughts questionnaire, generalized anxiety disorder questionnaire, resilience scale, social compliance questionnaire was used. The present study data were analyzed with the Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regressions analyzes. The results of Pearson correlation and multivariate regression analysis showed that there is a significant positive relationship between goal orientations, tolerance of negative emotions, leadership, and spiritual resiliency deal with social and family functions in patients with generalized anxiety disorder. These results have important applications in pathology and treatment of patients with generalized anxiety disorder.


Resiliency, social functions, familiar functions, general anxiety disorder.

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