The Relationship between the Internet Use and Network Capital (Case study: Ardabil Islamic Azad University and Mohagheghe Ardabili University)

Davud Abdi Mofradi, Ali Jafari


The main objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship between the internet use and network capital among students of Islamic Azad University of Ardabil and Mohagheghe Ardabili University. In this research, Wellman network theory is used as the theoretical framework. According to the necessity and relevance of the topic, the method was survey with interview technique. The study population included all the students of Islamic Azad University of Ardabil (12,500) and Mohagheghe Ardabili University (10236) in year 1394 and the population included 22736 people. The sampling method is clustering and the samples were selected through systematic sampling. Some of the key findings of the research include: The results show that there is a positive relationship between the use of the Internet and network social capital. This means that with the increase of Internet use, the user network social capital also slightly increases. There is a significant relationship between the social use of the Internet and social capital increase. This means that the social use of the Internet increases the user social capital. People who have strong social connections use the Internet to increase their social capital. In general results showed the positive effects (though limited) of Internet on social relations and users social capital network. And Internet is a communication factor that can be a complement for other means of communication.


social capital, social network, Internet usage, type of Internet use.

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