Reviews and ratings future performance media and the management of new social movements

Mohammad Rahim Eivazi, Mehdi Motaharnia


This study was conducted to evaluate future scenarios of future media and psychological warfare that the scenarios derived from the scenarios futurist Peter Schwartz in the field of media. Basis for this scenario is based on two dimensions: 1) the amount of media attention and 2) the availability of its. As has been mentioned in the context of this study, fluidity and psychological factors (high availability), durability (low access) as a whole on both sides of the axis represents the access that is from low to high. The consolidation of the two factors (high interest rate), distribution (low interest rate) is also located on both sides of the coordinate axes that the intersection of these two axes media future scenarios forms in psychological warfare that this scenario called mass scenario Twitter that the intersection of Fluidity and psychological factors (high availability) and distribution (low interest rates) are formed. Also, the intersection of Fluidity and psychological factors (high availability) and consolidation (high attention) to my Portal scenario and so the intersection of two scatter factor (low interest rates) and durability (low access) buffet media scenario, consolidating the intersection of two factors (high interest rates) and durability (low access), new forms of traditional media has been formed and has been used to collect data from the library and questionnaires. This questionnaire is distributed among 370 teachers from four schools in the field of media and communications, and a number of directors and producers in the field of cinema and theater. In order to analyze the data and present the results from SPSS software has been used. Finally, according to the results of Friedman test the scenario most favorable scenario hordes of Twitter have been selected as sample with 3.15 points of view.



media, media future, future scenarios, psychological operations.

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