Stratégies de libération de la femme chez Lynn Mbuko, Unimna Angrey et Ihechi Obesike: une étude comparée

Ndongo Kamdem Alphonse


Lynn Mbuko’s Chaque chose en son temps, Unimna Angrey’s Les espoirs perdus and Ihechi Obesike’s Ma vie m’appartient develop the same plot: the precarious fate of woman in a society where the power of decision is in the hands of man. The three playrights do not stop at denouncing this phallocratic oppression; they also set the pace towards the liberation of woman from the male domination. Using feminist theory, this article seeks, through a comparative approach, to examine the strategies of liberation as deployed by the three authors in their respective plays, which range from self consciousness to radical break off from the family nucleus, and to self realization.


Woman, Emancipation, Strategies of liberation, Phallocentrism, Self consciousness.

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