Investigating the emergence of the markets and comparing traditional and modern commercial centers

mohammadreza Anvari, reza abizadeh


Throughout history, many changes have been occurred in commercial centers, over time a large part of lands in cities devoted to commercial uses, and they have been appeared in the form of shops, markets, malls, department stores, etc. New economical geography in retail, reconfigured according to consuming spaces, such as big commercial centers, capital transfer in retail in cities and international position is paying particular attention to the phenomenon of restructuring and change in retail. Buy and use’s theoretical approach as a form of new active structure, have been caused to the creation of commercial space and services - recreation and leisure places in the world. Various studies have also shown that commercial centers were one of the main economical outlooks for most countries and has become increasingly important in the tourist industry. In this article we will attempt to briefly turn to the emergence of market and we want to consider their evolution which actually refers to the conversion of traditional markets to modern shopping centers, and take a look at the similarities and differences between them, I hope this can help, however, a little to the users.


commercial centers, traditional, modern, architecture

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