Strategic Competition of Iran and the USA in the Persian Gulf Region

Mehrdad Rezaei Shourijeh, Fatemeh Hashemi Bahramani


Regarding the limited resources, the current article tries to explain the special competitive environment between Iran and the US under the title of strategic competition of Iran and the US. The most threatening competitive place for these two countries is the existence of a region called the Persian Gulf creating this competition in the military and security cases. This rivalry and its survey has complicated angles surveying the geography of the region and its historical background and then it surveys the demands of Iranian and American governments and then it criticizes their effects on each other, effects such as missile and nuclear debates, status of governments and comments of defense and political experts; then it surveys the superiority of Iran and the US in the symmetric and asymmetric wars and necessities, sanctions and its effects on Iran. However, what is definite is that regarding the difference of attitude between these two countries, a different era is expected in which these two countries find an attitude and strategy close to each other. 


the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, the US, Islamic Republic of Iran, Security Ideas, Trans-Regional Responsibilities, Military Competition, Sanction, Asymmetric Warfare.

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