Effective factors on the value of international brands in Iranian consumers (Case Study of Samsung brand in Khuzestan market)

Nowrouz Ben Saeed, Mohmoud Nematiyan, Ebrahim Albonaiemi


The objective of this study was to identify effective factors on the value of international brands in Iranian consumers of Samsung brand in Khuzestan province. The research method in terms of purpose, and collecting data was applicable and descriptive-survey, respectively, which is based on structural equation modeling that it has been carried out to the field. The statistical population included all customers of the Samsung brand in the Khuzestan market. Based on Morgan table, 250people were selected by random and they were available as statistical samples. In this study, the researcher’s questionnaire was used to collect data. The questionnaire was adjusted according to the desired goals of research. After determining the validity and reliability of the questionnaire, it was distributed and collected among samples. The questionnaire was designed and developed aiming at determining indicators, important factors, and the priorities of the factors affecting the value of the international brands. It should be noted that the questionnaire was developed by the research team according to the characteristics of the population and based on supervisor and several studies. The resulting questionnaire had 56 questions that scoring five options, these options were based on the Likert scale ranging from very high (5) to very low (1).



Brand, loyalty, advertising, mental association, mental imagery, perceived value.

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