Checking sociological concepts of employment, and the views of Imam Khomeini, Imam Muhmmad Ghzaliand Ayatollah Sadr

Gholamreza Etminan, Mohammad Rasoul Golshan Foomani


Employment in any society is typically influenced by the interaction of the community's social system. Social components such as politics, economy, population, geography and culture of each community keep personality of community s people. This paper seeks to answer the question that the employment of view of Islam with an emphasis on ideas of three religious characters, Imam Khomeini Imam Mohammad Ghazali and martyr Ayatollah Sadr, What is sociological characteristics? From Imam Khomein s view, general characteristics of employment is the importance of faith and divine inspiration in the work, the work equals with the jihad for the sake of Allah and the work is worship, and so on. . Imam Mohammad Ghazali divided the work into three categories: legitimate jobs, jobs and jobs forbidden abomination, and he knows jobs as a change in human nature through the use of tools on one hand, providing services on the other hand. Characteristics of work of his view are the work of human social life, the necessity of having a business background for independence of everyone, even religious people, social responsibility against everyone and vice versa, and useful work. martyr Ayatollah Sadr in a view  as the distribution of wealth in Islam stressed comments on the concept of divided work in distributed background include: distribution of material resources, the distribution of wealth produced in this division and working on tools and resources indirectly is explained and analyzed.....from his view, the agent for the work on natural raw materials is the owner of his own work product and for the product of the work is the owner of  the conditions and possibilities of exploitation of nature. In addition to pay attention to the type and nature of work in this theory, it is noticed to discuss the results. They work in two types: useful work and imposed work, focused on the community, element of continuity are among the conclusions of the article.



work, employment, nature of work, Imam Khomeini, Imam Mohammad Ghazali, Ayatollah Sadr.

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