Linguistic Imperialism: Means, impacts and means of resistance

Abdelalim Bouajjar


Linguistic imperialism, although it is at its peak in the last decades, finds its roots throughout history. As a phenomenon, it is encompassing and far-reaching in its impacts. This article, first, offers a brief historical overview of linguistic imperialism and the obsolete means by which such imperialism used to be carried out centuries ago. Then, focusing on its main topic, it provides a research review of the history of English linguistic imperialism, and its distinct means through different stages in history, and it brings to light the impacts such imperialism has on other languages and cultures. Eventually, this paper extends an account of the different means proposed by researchers to display dissent and resist this sweeping imperialistic trend.


linguistic imperialism, linguicism, anglocentricity, neo-imperialism, globalization, racialization, resistance, decoloniality.

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